Stupid Town

Just wanted to give a shout out to my game project group since they have been such a blast to work with.
They all are extremely talanted and have been a pleasure to work with! Check out their website, they really deserve it!

Game Artists:

Albin Bång:
David Axelsson:
Malin Fröjd:
Martin Åkesson:

Game Animators:

Emelie Bettoschi:
Daniel Nagy:
Lucas Åsaborn:

Game Programmers:

Alexander Rosendahl:
August Smith:
Elin Granath:
Elric Dagsberg:
Filip Nygren:
Henrik Park:
Lars Tallinger:
Markus Hermelin:

Level Designers:

Axel Ahlkvist:
Elias Carlsson:
Vanessa Grundström:

Technical Artists:

Christoffer Nylen:
Per Magnusson:
Tim Lindberg: